Best Money Saving Apps


Money Saving apps

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I have been using money making/saving apps on my phone for almost a year now.  I know, I know, I should have been using these apps way before then.  If you have an iPhone or android phone and have not checked these apps out you need to do so now!  I have created a list of my favorite apps that I use all the time to make and save money.  I use many of these apps together and if you use coupons too, you save even more!

All of these apps are android and iPhone compatible and FREE.  So, lets get started!

1. Ibotta–  This is my favorite rebate app, I seem to get the most back from them.  Once you install the app you are able to view rebates by store, each store usually has a lot of rebates, Wal-Mart currently has 240!  I like to view the rebates before going shopping so that I know what is available.  Before or after shopping you unlock the rebates you want.  To unlock a rebates they may tell you a fact about a product, ask a poll question, have you watch a short video about a product, give you a recipe, etc.  After shopping, select the rebates you purchased, scan that products barcode and then upload your receipt.  They have always been very fast with crediting my account, usually in minutes, although it can take up to a couple days to get your credit.  Once you get to the $20.00 minimum you can cash out through PayPal or Venmo.  Also, you can join teams and refer others to earn even more  rewards.  If you are new to Ibotta and would like to join my team I would love to have you! You will get $10.00 when you sign up and redeem your first rebate, and I will get $5.00.  My referral code is: prfkxjv

2. Checkout 51–  You earn rebates ,or cash back,  on products you purchase at ANY store.  Choose the products you want to purchase, after grocery shopping scan the products barcode and then upload your receipt.  If you see an offer you want make sure you upload your receipt before midnight on Wednesday because on Thursday new rebates come out.  After your purchases are confirmed, Checkout51 will credit your account with the cash back.  Once you have earned $20.00 you can request a check to be sent to you.  Unlike Ibotta, Checkout51 does not have a referral program.

3. Wal-Mart Savings Catcher–  If you have a Wal-Mart and shop there then this app is a must.  This app lets you do a few things, but by far my favorite thing about this app is that it price matches with its local competitors sales ads, when this app finds a lower price it gives you the difference.  Once you check out at Wal-Mart scan the receipts QR code at the bottom of the receipt or enter the receipt number and date, then they will compare prices for you.  You can cash out whenever you want in the form of an e-gift card for Wal-mart, which you can use in store or online.  I think it is one of the easiest apps to earn money on, especially if you are a frequent Wal-Mart shopper.

4. Savings Star–  Like Ibotta and Checkout51, Savings Star allows you to view and select the offers you want and then once you purchase the items you scan the barcode then, upload your receipt.  If you shop at stores with loyalty cards you can add them to your account and never have to upload another receipt!  It usually takes between 2-10 days for your account to be credited with your savings.  You can cash out once you reach $5.00 through PayPal, a direct deposit in your checking account, Amazon gift code or donate your earnings to a charity.  Like Checkout51, Savings Star does not have a referral program either.

5.  Receipt Hog–  I am fairly new to Receipt Hog but so far I like it.  You take photos of your receipts and upload them, the receipts can be from any store, restaurant and even gas receipts can be uploaded.  Depending on where the receipt you uploaded was from and the amount you will get “coins”, spins at the “Hog Slots” (you can earn extra coins here) or entered into their monthly sweepstakes.  They pay you through Paypal or an Amazon gift card once you request payment.  The longer you wait for the payout, the better.  1000 coins = $5.00, 1800 = $10.00, 3200 = $20.00, 4000 = $30.00.  They have no referral program.

6.  Shopmium–  I do not use this one as much as the others I have listed because they do not have very many offers.  However, a few perks to Shopmium are that they offer free products at times, their offers are exclusive to them, they pay you through Paypal or your bank account as soon as you are credited for any item, so you are not trying to reach a threshold to get paid.  Also, they have a referral program.  You get $2.00 for each new referral.  If you would like to try Shopmium, and get a free Lindt Chocolate bar, you can use my referral code: KUCACMUW

7.  Kroger–  If you shop at Kroger (or their family stores: Dillons, Smith’s, Fred Meyer, Fry’s Food Stores, QFC, Ralph’s) then you have to use their app.  You can do it online but it’s so much easier to just do it all on your phone.  Here’s why I love this app: when you load coupons to your card they are active immediately, you can have 150 coupons loaded at a time, every Friday they offer a free product coupon to load to your card (has to be loaded on Friday), every month they e-mail me “Best Customer Coupons” to load to my card that are for products I frequently purchase and sometimes include two free items, you are able to view their sales ad and keep track of your Kroger points to redeem on gas.  Every $100 you spend at Kroger gets you 10 cents off each gallon of gas.

8.  Retail Me Not– This app is awesome when you are shopping retail and restaurants.  Retail Me Not collects coupon codes and sales information from retailers and restaurants.  They offer both in store and online coupons, so however you like to shop check them out first to save the most.  You can also bookmark your favorite places to shop and eat, making them easier to find.

These are all apps that I love and use all the time.  As I mentioned before, all of these are available for i-Phone and android.  Some of these you can use on your desktop or from your tablet if you do not have a smartphone, such as: Krogers and their family stores, Retail Me Not, SavingsStar, Wal-Mart Savings Catcher and even Ibotta.

I would like to say that by using some of these apps you can really maximize your savings.  I have gotten products for free or very close to it by using a digital coupon from Krogers and then that same product has been on 2 of the above rebate apps as well.  So, be sure to check them all out if you haven’t already.

Are there any apps that you love that I have not talked about here?  If so, leave me a comment.

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