Unconventional Birthday Presents

birthday presents
Birthday Parties! Birthday parties can be so much fun. My nieces love going to them and I personally love helping my sister throw them. I mean, everyone deserves a day to celebrate themselves, right? A day designed just for you! I do understand, however, for parents, it is easy to feel like every time you open your child’s book bag you find another birthday party invitation. Instead of running out to get that last-minute gift and breaking the budget, try planning ahead! Below are a few things we keep on hand for last minute gift ideas that would be great for any child:
·         Silver Dollars or $2 Bills – Sadly, most children don’t even know what these are anymore! I think they are a great, small memento to put in a card, alongside a gift. Most young children think this is some kind of treasure chest coin, or something magical, and usually love them!
·         A Pass to Jump Kraze – Jump Kraze is a local indoor inflatable jungle gym in our area. It’s likely you have a similar place where you live. A full one day pass for a child can be purchased for around $7-$10. It’s great for those rainy days where you can’t get outside and your child has so much energy to burn!
·         A Pass to the Youth or Children’s Museum – Our local Youth Museum charges $12 per child with a paying adult. I always ask parents before I purchase this one just because they must pay some expense as well. But most parents always agree because it is such a great learning experience. Our Youth Museum has puzzle quests, a T-Rex exhibit and a planetarium. So it is fun for all ages!
·         A gift card to Sweet Frog – Everyone loves ICE CREAM! So why not have yourself a little treat after all of the festivities. Sweet Frog is very popular on the east coast, and my nieces’ personal favorite, but frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere, so check out what’s around your area.   
These are just some of my unconventional birthday presents. I’m all about experiences!  I feel like children get so many material things these days that giving an experience is just as fun. Families today have more stuff than ever and let’s be honest, most of those toys end up stashed away, forgotten, or donated just a short period of time later. So why not think outside the box and give the gift of an experience instead!

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