DIY Baby Rattle Door Hanger

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DIY Baby Rattler Door Hanger

I’m in love with this baby rattler door hanger for a baby shower. It’s just too cute!  My sister and I
made this for her best friends baby shower.  You can do it to go with any theme, hers was a neutral burlap theme because she did not know what she was having.  Ill be honest at first I did not think it would be very cute, but I ended up loving the whole burlap theme.  I think this may have been the cutest baby shower I’ve seen! And, I’ve been to quite a few.

Another thing I love about this is that the parents to be can re-use this.  How nice would this look on the door of the new parents home? Or hospital room door? Or a great decoration for the nursery.


This door hanger is actually inexpensive to make. I’d say we spent $10 making it. However, it does take some time to make, probably 2 -3 hours depending how crafty you are. We used cupcake liners because we didn’t want it to look too girly but you could easily do flowers, ribbon, etc. If you use something besides cupcake liner it shouldn’t take as long to make.

Here is our supply list (you can choose smaller supplies this made a large door hanger approximately 2ft long, 8 inches wide and deep)

1 approximately 15 inch cardboard spool (not too flimsy though), I got mine from a roll of Christmas wrapping paper after it was all used.

2 styrofoam balls of different sizes, I used a 4 inch and 6 inch ball

3 yards of ribbon 5/8 inch wide

300 white cupcake liners, I know 300!

Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks

To start off I traced the end of the cardboard roll around each ball styrofoam. Then, cut with scissors a shallow hole, about 1/8 of an inch, where the circle is. This is where you will put hot glue on the inside edge of the circle you just cut and attach the cardboard spool, BUT NOT YET! You just want to make sure not to put liners where the spool will be attached.




Seperate all your cupcake liners. Fold in half, and again fold in half. Attach the pointy end to your styrofoam ball with hot glue, you could probably use tacky glue and it work just as well maybe better, but I chose hot glue. Start on the end opposite of where you cut the circle. Continue until you get the ball approximately 2/3 covered with cupcake liners. I like the liners to be close together so the ball looks full.


NOW is the time to attach the cardboard spool. Put a generous amount of glue around the inside of the hole you cut out and hold spool in place for a few seconds to make sure it will hold the spool. Once attached and firmly in place finish covering the rest of that ball.


So, now you have one ball attached to the cardboard spool covered in liners. Now attach the 2nd stryofoam ball to the other end of the cardboard spool. This stryofoam ball will have no cupcake liners attached yet. Its much easier to attach the 2nd ball without any cupcake liners so you dont crinkle them up. Once the second ball is firmly in place with glue dry, attach the ribbon to the spool. Once ribbon is attached, start putting on the rest of the cupcake liners on the second smaller ball until it is full.


Once the baby rattle is all together you need to attach a piece of string to what is going to the back of the rattler with hot glue so you are able to hang it on a door.


And viola you have a beautiful conversation piece for your baby shower or babys’ room.

If you want you can add a tag or other embellishment for a special touch.

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