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Hello!  I have been so excited about the Show and Tell Tuesday link up with Andrea.  There are several ways I love to save our family money and would love to share a few with you.  First, I hardly ever pay full price for anything. EVER.  That includes groceries, clothing, makeup, if I purchase it at a store it’s on sale or I have a coupon, but there are a few things I will splurge on.

Grocery Store

When I go the the grocery store I buy a lot of store brand items, I think that they basically taste the same or close to it.  I also try to meal plan weekly or bi-weekly so that I am not at the grocery store as often, which means I’m not buying unnecessary items.

Children’s Clothing

I always buy my kids clothes and school uniforms out of season for the year coming up.  I just buy them one size bigger for the next year.  This saves us tons of money on their wardrobe.  I often pair the sales and clearance prices with coupons for even more savings.  If I am purchasing anything online for them I try to always use Ebates to get some extra $$ back.


I love getting $ back on my purchases.  As I just stated above I love to use Ebates any time I buy anything online.  I have saved/earned a lot from using them, especially at Christmas time.  I also like to use the grocery store apps like the Kroger app, Ibotta, Receipt Hog, etc.  Use these apps in addition to your coupons and grocery stores savings to save even more.


I will splurge on a comfortable pair of jeans, for myself, husband or children.  There’s nothing better than a comfy pair of jeans, they are always worth the splurge.


Just like a comfy pair of jeans there’s nothing like a comfy pair of shoes.  It’s hard to find a nice pair of comfortable, cute shoes for a great price.  Shoes and jeans are worth the splurge!  I like to be comfortable 🙂


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